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It has begun!
save me
Last night I dreamt of pain.  Perhaps.. perhaps an artistic expression would be in order.  I don't know if I can do it.  

I slept poorly.  It was a nightmare and I woke up in pain and it's just really creeped me the f*ck out.


Have you ever been in pain the whole night in your dreams?

Try to avoid it.
But when isn't it, really?  Aaron Lewis said it best "it's always raining in my head".  God, I'm so unhappy.
They told me that every day's a new day, but it seems to me like yesterday was a helluva lot like today.  I'm not entirely comfortable with putting a lot of original art on here, but I guess mine's not particularly awesome or breathtaking... The user agreement allows devart to basically license out and profit from your work without giving you a cent.  And if and when you quit devart, it's your responsibility to track down the third-party licencees.  Irritating, no?  I don't have any other artist to show my work to in rl, so I figure devart's the next best thing.  Let me know.